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Take your Pass Plus driving course in Oxfordshire

Improve your driving skills

At Tony Kaye Driver Training, we participate in the Pass Plus driver training scheme. The scheme helps you develop as a driver and if you have learnt to drive with us previously we can offer you a discount off the price.

A scheme developed by the DSA to develop skills where you may have limited experience.


The aim of the scheme is to help new drivers to develop their driving skills and become a safer and more confident driver. It can help you to deal with driving situations that are not always covered in the standard driving test such as motorways, dual carriageways, night driving, adverse weather conditions, rural driving and town driving.


The completion of this scheme can also lead to insurance discounts. You should check which motor insurance company offers the best discount for your needs.

Become a safer and more confident driver

A survey by ORC International for the Driving Standards Agency showed that out of those who had taken Pass Plus:

- 93% felt more confident on the road

- 89% considered that their driving skills had improved

What is Pass Plus?

The syllabus:

- Module 1: introduction and town driving

- Module 2: all-weather driving

- Module 3: out of town driving

- Module 4: night driving

- Module 5: duel carriageways

- Module 6: motorways

Find out more about Pass Plus and improve your driving competence.